Recap on Open House ‘24

In 2024, carsales mediahouse is committed to evolving and offering cutting-edge solutions to help you achieve your marketing goals.
It all starts with an insight as we observe key trends and understand consumers' needs. We’ve tailored our product portfolio to align with the latest buyer journey, with a focus on scalable solutions and a wide array of unique measurement solutions. All of these elements seamlessly converge within Ignition, our new self-serve platform, granting you real-time access to carsales mediahouse advertising solutions.
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Home for Australians as they move through life

Since launching, we have dedicated ourselves to simplifying complexity and helping clients achieve their marketing goals with ease. Last year, we made 5 significant announcements & showcased our commitment to evolving as a leading media network, here we take a quick look the key results we are seeing from that innovation.

The Journey to Vehicle Ownership

We review trends in both the mobility sector and media industry which have shaped carsales’ new product development and aims to track Australian car shopping habits – suggesting ways brands can adapt to meet current and future needs in four distinct journey stages: landscape, validate, select and ownership.

Ad Experience

Our product development has focused on the most scalable solutions, with the addition of carsales Discover to bridge the gap between brand and retail objectives; and Editorial Boost, allowing you to leverage the influence of content and close the loop in measuring impact.​

Meaningful Measurement

As tracking becomes more limited, our focus has been to provide you with a number of unique measurement solutions including the holy grail of ‘Attribution to Sale’, providing category advertisers with the ability to track from an impression all the way to a vehicle being purchased at a dealership.

Ignition: embracing the platform economy

Explore our new self-serve ad manager that empowers marketers and ad buyers with unique insights to drive effective advertising investment and address modern marketing challenges. With billions of data points behind us, we’re giving you confidence in your planning, buying and measurement.

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"I've sat through hundreds of these, but I must say that the carsales upfront was excellent. It was brief and to the point, but it was very informative, delving into fresh insights rather than rehashing the same old facts. It provided utility on the new stuff before we went out on ‘what our 24 strategy might look like, very useful.”

Dean Norbiato
General Manager of Marketing - Kia
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