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Deep business partnerships

The combination of our team, platform features and solutions can take you through the entire funnel. Our business partners can easily utilise the carsales mediahouse proprietary insights and touchpoints.

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Different solutions

With a suite of products and technology solutions we help marketers truly connect with Australian buyers. Spanning lead gen to broad reach, our solutions are underpinned by people-based data.

Our focus of bringing our platforms, data and insights together has resulted in better solutions. More contextual, audience-based solutions allow us to personalise, with a high degree of accuracy, and ensure your advertising is more efficient.

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Our brightest creative and strategic planning minds deliver insight-led solutions to tackle even the most complex brand challenges.
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When building awareness and creating impact are your top priorities, our broad category solutions give your brand contextual ownership.
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Audience driven advertising across a variety of engaging environments. Solutions designed to target with precision, driving brand and product consideration.
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Drive the desired direct response outcome with the use of carsales' exclusive 1st Party Data.
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Our product suite is complemented by off-network expansion. This allows brands to reach and target customers moving through any life stage via the carsales mediahouse network and beyond.

carsales XT enables you to reach audiences across the carsales mediahouse  programmatic, social and paid search channels. Leverage our networks to further improve your outcomes.

We combine people, data, tech and creativity to solve customer challenges
Ignition is our new self-serve platform to access carsales mediahouse advertising solutions in real-time.
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fuse is our cross functional, expert team that provides insight-led solutions for both auto and non-auto partners.

Combining creative ideation, branded storytelling, data, and insights, rounded out with precise audience targeting to deliver a 360 degree offering.
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Have confidence with data privacy

carsales is a lead generation business and there are two things we do really well: handling personal information in a legally compliant manner and building trust with our audience in doing so.

No 3rd party cookie data? No problem. We’re introducing a unified network ID, combining everything we know with significant audience scale.

Whether we’re starting with your audience data or ours, your brand can access people-based ad solutions via carsalesmatch.

If you’re not focusing on your first party data, carsales mediahouse’s Audience Segmentation delivers everything from socio-demographic, intent, interest and other profiles to ensure you're targeting the right audience.

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An insightful, personal connection with your customer.

carsales ID provides an ecosystem for people-based targeting. Work with our advertising partners and build campaigns that deliver personalisation whilst maintaining user privacy.

carsales ID uses rich behavioural data to identify user types. This enables you to segment, personalise and deliver people-based marketing to micro audiences, giving data-backed advertiser benefits.

11,654,924 members
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2,554,574,631 user signals across the carsales Network
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Data partnership with Audience 360
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1.carsales internal data, total members across carsales network, March 2023
2.User signals refer to interactions on our sites such as views, scroll depth, enquiries and clicks. Google Analytics, 1st June to 31st August 2022.
note: carsales network includes carsales, bikesales, boatsales, caravancampingsales, trucksales, constructionsales, farmmachinerysales and tyresales.
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At our Open House 2023 upfront event we launched carsalesmatch in partnership with Adobe, our people based solution that enables advertisers to match their audience and activate across the the carsales mediahouse audience network.

carsales is the first Australian based marketplace to partner and onboard Adobe’s Real Time Customer Data Platform, to achieve market leading personalisation for our users and media customers alike.
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Precision Audience Segmentation

Outside our first party data matching capability, we have a number of audience targeting solutions that are uniquely tailored to the category.

Everything from stages of the buying journey, affinity interests and more, all powered by carsalesID.

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